3 Reasons Why the Automotive Industry Can Build Homes Faster

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If there ever was a good reason to buy a car this year, this would be it. Our manufacturers, foreign and domestic, know their work so well that the principles they apply can even prove effective in other industries. Namely real estate. But this isn’t just to better an industry in terms of revenue, profit and productivity. Rather, take Toyota, for example: this automotive manufacturer’s purpose goes far above and beyond that of mere profit and commerce for us to search, finance and manage our vehicles.

You Remember Hurricane Katrina, Right? The Automotive Industry Does, Too.

That’s why Toyota had recently partnered with the St. Bernard’s Project to help bring families back into their homes — those same homes that were destroyed over a decade ago. It was that storm uprooting many lives; and to this day, a lot of those families haven’t returned home — largely because the overwhelming project at hand has proven to be more than the project can handle. Until Toyota stepped in.automotive industry-1

Now you’re probably thinking that Toyota wouldn’t know one single thing about building homes, much less building X amount of homes and bringing those families back to where they can continue their lives. Toyota does — as well as many automotive manufacturers do as well. And here’s how:

We Don’t Mean to Get Sappy Here, Given the Turmoil Hurricane Katrina Had Brought to Many Families….

But Toyota — and for that matter, many automotive manufacturers — have the secrets necessary to efficient and expedient production. In an emergency, that’s essential. Since Toyota had partnered with the St. Bernard Project, over 600 families were able to return home — with tears in their eyes. Toyota took what they knew about making cars and assisted nonprofits for years. It was the St. Bernard’s Project’s turn to benefit on what makes a car excellent.

These people needed their homes excellent after what they had been through.





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Yes, as a Real Estate Agent, You Can Save Money on Your Automobile

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Being an entrepreneur’s not only hard on the commute in your hard-earned car, but also on your wallet. Think about the cost to maintain, roadside assistance, even legal issues. The expenses add up (let’s not mention the cost of gas, shall we?). And when it comes to being a real estate agent, you’re not exactly sitting at a desk 24/7. You have open houses to go, showings, etc. etc. That car better work, or you’re out of a career.

So Guess What: as a Real Estate Agent, You Can Deduct Some Cost on Your Taxes!real estate agent auto-1

And for many commuters, that’s a blast. Obviously. After all, your everyday real estate agent is in business for himself/herself. Therefore, everywhere you go, whatever you spend — all of that can be deducted from the 2-hour tax return you’ll file with ITPN. Want to know just what kind of deducations you can make with your car as a real estate agent?

  • Car Washes
  • Depreciation/Lease Payments
  • Insurance
  • Interest Rate
  • License & Registration
  • Maintenance Expenses
  • Repairs & Replacements
  • Tires

And let’s not forget the mileage write-offs at 55.5 cents per mile. That applies even when you’re driving the miles to get your tires replaced, or your car washed! Be incredibly anal about just how far you drive anywhere. As long as where you’re going applies to your work as a real estate agent. Believe it….

It’s Staggering What You Don’t Know About Your Taxes as a Real Estate Agent

Just check out this tax write-off guide to learn even more. But until then, know this: you now know the stuff, so keep it all in check and itemized. Then register with the Income Tax Planning Network immediately and get those miles written off. Remember: time means money. And money means great business for the automotive and real estate industries.


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