3D Printing: the New Wave of the Automotive Industry?

Posted by wpadmin | Posted in Automotive Technology | Posted on 26-06-2015

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This isn’t a scam, people; this is the real deal, the latest innovation in automotive technology and advancement. You may just see vehicles of all kinds looking like this one masterpiece, a creation only heralded by the youngest of our generation. Perhaps, you might wonder if your own kid happened to create something like this, and you’re probably right. This is the new generation of automotive manufacturing among many other new developments. Deal with it.

Yes. Cars Will Now Look Like This.

Really? Really. Undoubtedly, we’re pulling your chain only a little bit, but for the most part, this is mainly the truth. Very soon we might just see our cars, trucks and even motorcycles built with the exact same material! And how? Simply put, we have an unlikely candidate in automobile manufacturing technological innovation, and it’s this — 3D printing.

Please understand that this is a process so phenomenal and out-of-this-world, that you’ll think you’re looking at a scam. It’s not a scam in this revolutionary auto selection market. 3D printing has actually been around for quite awhile, allowing anyone to basically print (yes, like printing paper) anything you3D printing lego vehicle want in 3Dthree dimensions, something you can pick up and observe all around, a veritable mass in space.

We’re accustomed to printing on paper: pictures, drawings, paintings, books, essays, sentences, words. We use ink. But no one could have ever envisioned that 3D printing with ink could actually create anything pliable enough to…drive out of your garage?

Why 3D Printing Works

Most recently, a company called Local Motors accomplished this same pipe dream, a pipe dream that could only be matched by the fact that Google and Apple are turning cars into smartphones. The company caught the attention of the New York Hall of Science, revealing the very first vehicle manufactured solely through 3D printing.

With a material making the body and chassis known as A.B.S. (also known as “acrylonitrile butadiene styrene” and reinforced with carbon fiber), this company was able to construct a vehicle with the 3D printing method, saving plenty of dollars in additional parts commonly used in automotive manufacturing. What is A.B.S.? Oh, it’s just the exact same material used to make Legos. It really isn’t that hard to utilize 3D printing either given the fact that this is a medium already changing the landscape with everything from iPhone cases to firearms, and potentially delving into the aerospace industry. That’s right: we might even have commercial jets made of Lego material flying the skies soon.

The bonus of 3D printing is its cost efficiency, not to mention the obvious ramifications with everything from auto warranties, to insurance, and even roadside assistance. A car made of this composite and method would consist of no more than 50 parts, including the motor and transmission. That’s it. This takes tooling costs literally out of the equation, revamping the automotive industry as we know it today. The question is this: are we ready for that?

Your Kids Might Say Yes, and so Would You If You Knew What the Price May Be for a Prototype Vehicle

A Local Motors representative actually stated publicly that such a vehicle designed by 3D printing and the A.B.S. material could run easily at $18K to $30K. That’s a pretty good deal. And you won’t even have to assemble the car yourself.

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