Tesla Motors: The Electric Automotive Leader?

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Tesla Motors is the manufacturer most people think of when they think about the innovative electric automobile, pioneering the concept for all the rage of the automotive industry. Yet even founded and led by one Elon Musk, our very own real-life “Iron Man” (Tony Stark) of Avengers fame, one has to wonder — is there any competition for Tesla Motors?

But What Would Happen to the Market if the Big Automotive Hitters JoinedTesla Motors in Competition? Enter: General Motors and Toyota

Now we’re talkin’. Tesla Motors better grease their elbows and get dirty. Undoubtedly, the major automotive manufacturers have an apparent advantage if they were to compete with Tesla Motors.  GM and Toyota’s combined revenue last year alone was $374.83 billion vs. Tesla Motors’ mere $3.52 billion. That should say something. Just on an obvious scale alone, these major players could steal control of the automotive market and selection services, leaving Tesla Motors in the wake behind them if they only decided to zero in on this target.

Luckily for Tesla Motors the Likely Winners of This Race and Competition Actually Are Not Currently Interested in the Electric Car Market

Electric cars only make up 7/10 of 1% of the total car market (no joke), and this deters the major automotive players from focusing on the electric car market at this current time. Frankly because they do not believe people are interested in electric cars — rather the market for finding a car relies mostly on the petrol we’re all used to.

Tesla Motors, however, hangs in the electric car market, because they hope the preferences of car buying will change in the future and that there will be a greater influx of electric car buyers. Before we realize it, that 7/10 market share will change to millions of buyers. It seems like a little bit of a long shot, but this is what Tesla Motors is betting on.

Call it a Gamble If You Will….

Overall if the major hitters decide to join the race, the chances of Tesla Motors controlling the majority market are slim against these larger established companies and manufacturers such as GM and Toyota. Tesla Motors can only hope they never pay any interest in that niche market.

Now We’re Really Back to the Future With the Lexus Hoverboard

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Get your vest and self-adjusting sneakers on, because the future’s here, apparently. This could very easily be a “Back to the Future” affair, although Lexus remains tame on this concept, a real concept that actually works as shown here in this video:

This is for real: it’s a real Lexus hoverboard. Yes, a hoverboard. Made by one of the biggest automobile manufacturers on the planet. Or the universe, for that matter.

Now You’re Probably Wondering How This Lexus Hoverboard Actually Lexus hoverboard Back to the FutureWorks

No, aliens have not descended onto us like the upcoming Independence Day sequel (minus Mr. Will Smith, sadly, so there won’t be any close encounters). Rather, the Lexus hoverboard really does revolve around pure science without the fiction, operating on what Lexus terms as “magnetic levitation with liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets. Sure. We get it, totally.

Basically, that just means it works. We can try to understand the science, but we’d obviously need to get into some education and a degree in science only Neil deGrasse Tyson would approve of.

What’s shocking, though, is the fact that the Lexus hoverboard isn’t the first functioning prototype at all in the past. The Lexus hoverboard, however, can work on concrete according to that teaser video. And there are no special effect tricks here. You’re seeing a Lexus hoverboard that’s literally hovering, and movable as if you’re escaping thugs in Hill Valley.

So When Can We See  This Lexus Hoverboard??

As I write this, the hoverboard prototype is, in fact, being tested in Barcelona, Spain. And it brings in floods of imagination and dreams about the possibility that we could have hovering speeder cars like in Star Wars very soon. It could very well be possible as far as automotive innovation and technology is concerned. However, don’t look for this happening any time soon, as the Lexus hoverboard won’t be for sale…. Yet.

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