Finding the Right ZIPPY Personal Loan for Your Needs

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Let’s be honest here: those ‘personal loans’ we keep hearing about get a nasty bad rep in the financial arena, for obvious reasons. Either you can’t ever get approved for one, or they get you into more trouble than you’re already in. So generally speaking, many frown on the American institution known as the personal loan. […]

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4 Truly Successful Credit Repair Secrets

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Here’s what you have to remember about credit repair — the long-term goal is the ultimate benefit. Home ownership. Easy loan approvals. Peace of mind. That pristine credit score will get you far, honestly, for the rest of your entire life with the best credit repair secrets! The benefits could easily last beyond your own needs, too. Think about your spouse. Your kids. Your life beyond your own.

In Other Words — Your Credit Score Is You

So you’ll do whatever you can to get a hold of the best credit repair secrets out there without having to shell out your entire savings and see minimal effort. One thing’s for sure: without the best credit repair secrets, that spotty credit report will cause massive problems for you in your life, everything from mortgage financing, refinancing, home improvement, emergency loans, medical bills. You name it. So get that credit score up with these credit repair secrets right now:

  1. Removing the Negatives — One call to Lexington Law at 844-346-3262, and you’re well on your way toward the first step of credit repair. Getting rid of those “stains” on the credit report. You cancredit repair secrets-1 even sign up right here to get started. Why is it important to remove those negatives? Because they’ll stay on for a very, very, very long time. Unless you act now.
  2. Opening Up New Lines of Credit — Next you need to show creditors that you can hold up on credit lines, making payments and such. How do you do that? You can open up new secured credit card accounts — click here for one offer, or here for another offer. And the trick is to start making small purchases, paying them off immediately. What you’ll find is the payments will be recorded on your credit report to show that you are reliable. What happens then? Your credit score goes up!
  3. Try Personal Loans and Cash Advances, Too — Every now and then, emergencies do happen in your life. But did you know that taking out a loan or even a cash advance out of your paycheck can actually improve your credit score? The key is religiously being diligent about getting payments in to pay it back. They’re not handouts. Heck, if you even wanted to just take a personal loan out for its own sake, do it. A cash advance, knowing you won’t have any trouble paying it back, won’t hinder you in any way. So why not do it if it will better your credit score?
  4. Lastly, This Secret Out of All Credit Repair Secrets Will Blow Your Mind — Your rent payments. You heard us right. Did you know that your own rent payments, even retroactively, can boost your credit score astronomically? Take advantage of adding those payments onto your report through Rental Kharma, because why wouldn’t a lender or creditor even think you’re reliable when they see that you’re always making your payments? Makes sense….

Of Course These Credit Repair Secrets Make Sense!

And the best part is the majority of this will be a small temporary investment on your part. The bonus is you have those safety nets — your lines of credit and the ability to take out any loan you want at will due to that high credit score. Getting your credit repair fixed is about as easy as buying a candy bar with your credit card — and paying it back, so it shows on your report.

Just follow these rules implicitly. Click here for sponsored listings right nowSign up right now to get started immediately! And feel free to visit our Google+ page and Facebook page to learn more about what it takes to restore your credit to where it needs to be.

The post 4 Truly Successful Credit Repair Secrets appeared first on Independent Credit Solutions.

The Big, Bad ONLINE Repo Man: Why Auto Loans Are Now Scarier Than Ever

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Isn’t it amazing how the Internet has swallowed the entire natural world whole, delving into every industry you can imagine, even the automotive industry? You can practically sell a home with social media these days. Without a doubt, identity theft has largely skyrocketed into the number one position as most heinous crime in all of the U.S. — all because of our online connectivity. Yet we still love our Internet! And we should.

Auto Lenders Love the Internet, Too, as They Now Can Keep an Eye on Those Auto Loans Without Ever Hiring an Actual Repo Man to Do the Job

Yes, you heard correctly: you might be unaware of it, but your vehicle at this very moment just might be monitored by the very person who sold it to you: your lender. This makes auto loans like those venus flytraps, poised and ready to snap at the next hapless insect to walk across looking for nectar. You may be the insect.

Why are auto loans so dangerous now, you say? Think about it. You finance a car. You have a car payment. You have an auto loan. But you’re behind by about three months. Thanks to the Internet and auto loans GPStechnological advancements and GPS, you might have a car with a device installed into the dashboard tapping into a wireless signal managed by the lender. That device has the power to basically ‘lock’ your car. As in you won’t be able to start it. No driving. Not even listening to the radio. And the best part for the lender? The lender can do it from the privacy of his or her own home.

The Benefits for the Automotive Sales Industry

It sounds scary. But don’t get me wrong — the benefits are obvious. No longer do lenders have to chase down their auto loan holders with repo men scouring the neighborhoods looking for those vehicles and then driving off in the middle of the night. If a lender notices that those auto loans are behind on payments, as long as it’s seen that the drivers aren’t operating the vehicles, that lender can literally shut off those vehicles and prohibit anyone from driving them.

Contrary to what you might think, this motivates those holders of auto loans to get going on catching up on those payments, because as long as they’re behind, their vehicles sit in the garage with no chance of seeing daylight. It diverts more power and authority to the lender of auto loans, thereby encouraging anyone with even low credit scores to ensure that they’ll cover their payments every month, no matter the obstacle. There’s a dark side to this, though….

Why You, the Driver, Should Worry

What if you’re in danger of dying from asthma? What if your child’s in danger of dying from asthma? You have to get to the hospital, and your car won’t start because your lender disengaged the ignition from afar. One would consider this a case of over-control, privacy invasion and an infringement of natural rights. Case in point: this particular technology even allows the lender to remotely monitor exactly where each vehicle is in real-time, at any given time.

Yes, you’ve got to love the Internet. And lenders with delinquent auto loans do as well.

Believe It or Not, But This Benefits the Industry as a Whole

Because of this technology, lenders are able to issue out their auto loans to more high-risk borrowers, because the efficient insurance is now available. They can monitor everything you do. You can’t dodge these lenders anymore. You now have no choice but to start paying on those auto loans.

As far as technology goes, this is a true industry automotive financing issue not like anything Google or Apple would bring to the table regarding automotive smartphone technology or even Lego building (you have to read this one to believe it!). And it’s one issue paved with some of the most heated implications.

So I ask you: what do you believe? Do you believe lenders with their auto loans deserve this much power to control you and your vehicles? Or not? Questions, comments, thoughts?

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