3 of the Most Current Groundbreaking Auto Industry Developments

Posted by wpadmin | Posted in Automotive Trends | Posted on 30-06-2015

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When it comes to support (as in auto support!), keeping up with the trends and the news is paramount. We pride ourselves in that, researching and reviewing the updates in an industry we love complete with cherished chassis and ostentatious odometers speeding away like roadrunners in Arizona. So this is the place where you can get a lot of those updates along with developments on the Auto Selection Services side for sure.

Prepare yourself to be wowed over at least one of these auto industry developments, though, because you’re guaranteed to be somewhat shocked. It’s just a taste of how things can change, what with new auto industry developments showing up like osmosis and Acme death traps set by a coyote, starting with….

The NFL’s Choice in Hyundai: Nobody Saw This Auto Industry Developmentauto industry developments roadrunner Coming

For years, the NFL has an official auto sponsor: GM, as in General Motors, the pinnacle of American-made beauty. But it’s hard to believe that according to this article, that’s all over with and Hyundai, a Korean automaker, has taken GM’s place with the National Football League! This isn’t a joke. You might be seeing NFL officials driving Hyundai’s everywhere they go.

Beware the Car With the Confederate Flag

On the legal side, this is unprecedented as far as auto industry developments are concerned: a Supreme Court ruling has literally banned the Confederate flag from ever showing its colors and stripes on anything remotely associated with a vehicle. Yes, even license plates. That’s a big deal given how many cars are out there in the U.S. as we speak. But whatever those justices say, goes.

And Talk About a Tazmanian Devil Craze: Michigan’s Got Some Foreign Automaking Moxy Now

What?? The land where Motor City operates now has a foreign car maker? You got it. Well, at the very least, Lotus Cars, a British auto manufacturing company, set up shop in Ann Arbor, MI, with their engineering division, but very soon here the corporation will relocate their current home base from Georgia to Michigan with the purpose of centralizing their operations and preparing for a massive push in the market. Makes sense. But, seriously, Michigan? Wow, talk about auto industry developments we never expected.

Man, That Roadrunner Runs Fast….

BEEP BEEP! You never saw it coming. Just like you may never have seen any of these auto industry developments come and go, so who knows what else this auto industry will bring about in terms of technology innovation, trends and legal developments. Just prepare your Acme materials and stay away from that boulder.

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