5 Great Reasons to Buy New Cars in 2016

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Talk about growth and prosperity. We’re seeing it with the real estate market for sure with the high home price predictions, plus foreigners’ real estate investment on American soil’s still sitting pretty (China, we’re looking at yoooouuu!). But now the automotive industry? It’s a good idea to buy new cars? We’re definitely not complaining.

It Just so Happens That the Most Recent October Auto Sales Have Been Through the Roof

We want to buy new cars? Absolutely. Just how “through the roof” are we looking at? Well, let’s just say that October saw the best auto sales ever in the states since 2001, and that’s saying something. We just might be looking at a new all-time record, busting the staggering 17.41MM sold back in 2000. When people buy new cars like this, you know you’re looking at an economy that’ll only mean great things all around. Seriously.

Let’s break it down specifically — just this past October, consumers were looking to buy new cars at a count of 1.46MM. That’s the highest monthly total in over a decade! We have no doubt that auto selection was a breeze for those consumers. That total was actually 13.6% above last year’s total in the same month according to Autodata Corp., so one thing’s for sure: things are looking up.buy new cars awesome

They’re looking up, because those strong numbers for auto loans will continue to grow as we get closer and closer to the holidays and the new year as predictions are already in: this year’s total will hit anywhere between 17.4MM to 17.8MM vehicles, and the next year will only get bigger. That’s a lot of people who apparently want to buy new cars!

But Here Are the Five Reasons Why Everyone Will Buy New Cars for a Very Long Time

It’s interesting to see where the auto trends are in this growing market, because you certainly don’t want to be left with a lemon. Many want to buy new cars that actually work and do well. So what automakers out there are making the best headlines? Here’s the scoop:

Not too shabby, don’t you think? And no worries about our foreign automakers; they’re doing well, too.

But One Thing’s for Sure: We’ll Be Happy to Buy New Cars Here in the U.S. for a Very Long Time

It’s in your best interest right now to invest your money. Let’s all buy new cars and not only fuel the road, but our entire economy. Sign up with any of our offers today and start searching. Start test-driving. Start driving. And get your life going right now.




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Yes, as a Real Estate Agent, You Can Save Money on Your Automobile

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Being an entrepreneur’s not only hard on the commute in your hard-earned car, but also on your wallet. Think about the cost to maintain, roadside assistance, even legal issues. The expenses add up (let’s not mention the cost of gas, shall we?). And when it comes to being a real estate agent, you’re not exactly sitting at a desk 24/7. You have open houses to go, showings, etc. etc. That car better work, or you’re out of a career.

So Guess What: as a Real Estate Agent, You Can Deduct Some Cost on Your Taxes!real estate agent auto-1

And for many commuters, that’s a blast. Obviously. After all, your everyday real estate agent is in business for himself/herself. Therefore, everywhere you go, whatever you spend — all of that can be deducted from the 2-hour tax return you’ll file with ITPN. Want to know just what kind of deducations you can make with your car as a real estate agent?

  • Car Washes
  • Depreciation/Lease Payments
  • Insurance
  • Interest Rate
  • License & Registration
  • Maintenance Expenses
  • Repairs & Replacements
  • Tires

And let’s not forget the mileage write-offs at 55.5 cents per mile. That applies even when you’re driving the miles to get your tires replaced, or your car washed! Be incredibly anal about just how far you drive anywhere. As long as where you’re going applies to your work as a real estate agent. Believe it….

It’s Staggering What You Don’t Know About Your Taxes as a Real Estate Agent

Just check out this tax write-off guide to learn even more. But until then, know this: you now know the stuff, so keep it all in check and itemized. Then register with the Income Tax Planning Network immediately and get those miles written off. Remember: time means money. And money means great business for the automotive and real estate industries.


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