Tesla Motors: The Electric Automotive Leader?

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Tesla Motors is the manufacturer most people think of when they think about the innovative electric automobile, pioneering the concept for all the rage of the automotive industry. Yet even founded and led by one Elon Musk, our very own real-life “Iron Man” (Tony Stark) of Avengers fame, one has to wonder — is there any competition for Tesla Motors?

But What Would Happen to the Market if the Big Automotive Hitters JoinedTesla Motors in Competition? Enter: General Motors and Toyota

Now we’re talkin’. Tesla Motors better grease their elbows and get dirty. Undoubtedly, the major automotive manufacturers have an apparent advantage if they were to compete with Tesla Motors.  GM and Toyota’s combined revenue last year alone was $374.83 billion vs. Tesla Motors’ mere $3.52 billion. That should say something. Just on an obvious scale alone, these major players could steal control of the automotive market and selection services, leaving Tesla Motors in the wake behind them if they only decided to zero in on this target.

Luckily for Tesla Motors the Likely Winners of This Race and Competition Actually Are Not Currently Interested in the Electric Car Market

Electric cars only make up 7/10 of 1% of the total car market (no joke), and this deters the major automotive players from focusing on the electric car market at this current time. Frankly because they do not believe people are interested in electric cars — rather the market for finding a car relies mostly on the petrol we’re all used to.

Tesla Motors, however, hangs in the electric car market, because they hope the preferences of car buying will change in the future and that there will be a greater influx of electric car buyers. Before we realize it, that 7/10 market share will change to millions of buyers. It seems like a little bit of a long shot, but this is what Tesla Motors is betting on.

Call it a Gamble If You Will….

Overall if the major hitters decide to join the race, the chances of Tesla Motors controlling the majority market are slim against these larger established companies and manufacturers such as GM and Toyota. Tesla Motors can only hope they never pay any interest in that niche market.

3 of the Most Current Groundbreaking Auto Industry Developments

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When it comes to support (as in auto support!), keeping up with the trends and the news is paramount. We pride ourselves in that, researching and reviewing the updates in an industry we love complete with cherished chassis and ostentatious odometers speeding away like roadrunners in Arizona. So this is the place where you can get a lot of those updates along with developments on the Auto Selection Services side for sure.

Prepare yourself to be wowed over at least one of these auto industry developments, though, because you’re guaranteed to be somewhat shocked. It’s just a taste of how things can change, what with new auto industry developments showing up like osmosis and Acme death traps set by a coyote, starting with….

The NFL’s Choice in Hyundai: Nobody Saw This Auto Industry Developmentauto industry developments roadrunner Coming

For years, the NFL has an official auto sponsor: GM, as in General Motors, the pinnacle of American-made beauty. But it’s hard to believe that according to this article, that’s all over with and Hyundai, a Korean automaker, has taken GM’s place with the National Football League! This isn’t a joke. You might be seeing NFL officials driving Hyundai’s everywhere they go.

Beware the Car With the Confederate Flag

On the legal side, this is unprecedented as far as auto industry developments are concerned: a Supreme Court ruling has literally banned the Confederate flag from ever showing its colors and stripes on anything remotely associated with a vehicle. Yes, even license plates. That’s a big deal given how many cars are out there in the U.S. as we speak. But whatever those justices say, goes.

And Talk About a Tazmanian Devil Craze: Michigan’s Got Some Foreign Automaking Moxy Now

What?? The land where Motor City operates now has a foreign car maker? You got it. Well, at the very least, Lotus Cars, a British auto manufacturing company, set up shop in Ann Arbor, MI, with their engineering division, but very soon here the corporation will relocate their current home base from Georgia to Michigan with the purpose of centralizing their operations and preparing for a massive push in the market. Makes sense. But, seriously, Michigan? Wow, talk about auto industry developments we never expected.

Man, That Roadrunner Runs Fast….

BEEP BEEP! You never saw it coming. Just like you may never have seen any of these auto industry developments come and go, so who knows what else this auto industry will bring about in terms of technology innovation, trends and legal developments. Just prepare your Acme materials and stay away from that boulder.

Now We’re Really Back to the Future With the Lexus Hoverboard

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Get your vest and self-adjusting sneakers on, because the future’s here, apparently. This could very easily be a “Back to the Future” affair, although Lexus remains tame on this concept, a real concept that actually works as shown here in this video:

This is for real: it’s a real Lexus hoverboard. Yes, a hoverboard. Made by one of the biggest automobile manufacturers on the planet. Or the universe, for that matter.

Now You’re Probably Wondering How This Lexus Hoverboard Actually Lexus hoverboard Back to the FutureWorks

No, aliens have not descended onto us like the upcoming Independence Day sequel (minus Mr. Will Smith, sadly, so there won’t be any close encounters). Rather, the Lexus hoverboard really does revolve around pure science without the fiction, operating on what Lexus terms as “magnetic levitation with liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets. Sure. We get it, totally.

Basically, that just means it works. We can try to understand the science, but we’d obviously need to get into some education and a degree in science only Neil deGrasse Tyson would approve of.

What’s shocking, though, is the fact that the Lexus hoverboard isn’t the first functioning prototype at all in the past. The Lexus hoverboard, however, can work on concrete according to that teaser video. And there are no special effect tricks here. You’re seeing a Lexus hoverboard that’s literally hovering, and movable as if you’re escaping thugs in Hill Valley.

So When Can We See  This Lexus Hoverboard??

As I write this, the hoverboard prototype is, in fact, being tested in Barcelona, Spain. And it brings in floods of imagination and dreams about the possibility that we could have hovering speeder cars like in Star Wars very soon. It could very well be possible as far as automotive innovation and technology is concerned. However, don’t look for this happening any time soon, as the Lexus hoverboard won’t be for sale…. Yet.

The Big, Bad ONLINE Repo Man: Why Auto Loans Are Now Scarier Than Ever

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Isn’t it amazing how the Internet has swallowed the entire natural world whole, delving into every industry you can imagine, even the automotive industry? You can practically sell a home with social media these days. Without a doubt, identity theft has largely skyrocketed into the number one position as most heinous crime in all of the U.S. — all because of our online connectivity. Yet we still love our Internet! And we should.

Auto Lenders Love the Internet, Too, as They Now Can Keep an Eye on Those Auto Loans Without Ever Hiring an Actual Repo Man to Do the Job

Yes, you heard correctly: you might be unaware of it, but your vehicle at this very moment just might be monitored by the very person who sold it to you: your lender. This makes auto loans like those venus flytraps, poised and ready to snap at the next hapless insect to walk across looking for nectar. You may be the insect.

Why are auto loans so dangerous now, you say? Think about it. You finance a car. You have a car payment. You have an auto loan. But you’re behind by about three months. Thanks to the Internet and auto loans GPStechnological advancements and GPS, you might have a car with a device installed into the dashboard tapping into a wireless signal managed by the lender. That device has the power to basically ‘lock’ your car. As in you won’t be able to start it. No driving. Not even listening to the radio. And the best part for the lender? The lender can do it from the privacy of his or her own home.

The Benefits for the Automotive Sales Industry

It sounds scary. But don’t get me wrong — the benefits are obvious. No longer do lenders have to chase down their auto loan holders with repo men scouring the neighborhoods looking for those vehicles and then driving off in the middle of the night. If a lender notices that those auto loans are behind on payments, as long as it’s seen that the drivers aren’t operating the vehicles, that lender can literally shut off those vehicles and prohibit anyone from driving them.

Contrary to what you might think, this motivates those holders of auto loans to get going on catching up on those payments, because as long as they’re behind, their vehicles sit in the garage with no chance of seeing daylight. It diverts more power and authority to the lender of auto loans, thereby encouraging anyone with even low credit scores to ensure that they’ll cover their payments every month, no matter the obstacle. There’s a dark side to this, though….

Why You, the Driver, Should Worry

What if you’re in danger of dying from asthma? What if your child’s in danger of dying from asthma? You have to get to the hospital, and your car won’t start because your lender disengaged the ignition from afar. One would consider this a case of over-control, privacy invasion and an infringement of natural rights. Case in point: this particular technology even allows the lender to remotely monitor exactly where each vehicle is in real-time, at any given time.

Yes, you’ve got to love the Internet. And lenders with delinquent auto loans do as well.

Believe It or Not, But This Benefits the Industry as a Whole

Because of this technology, lenders are able to issue out their auto loans to more high-risk borrowers, because the efficient insurance is now available. They can monitor everything you do. You can’t dodge these lenders anymore. You now have no choice but to start paying on those auto loans.

As far as technology goes, this is a true industry automotive financing issue not like anything Google or Apple would bring to the table regarding automotive smartphone technology or even Lego building (you have to read this one to believe it!). And it’s one issue paved with some of the most heated implications.

So I ask you: what do you believe? Do you believe lenders with their auto loans deserve this much power to control you and your vehicles? Or not? Questions, comments, thoughts?

3D Printing: the New Wave of the Automotive Industry?

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This isn’t a scam, people; this is the real deal, the latest innovation in automotive technology and advancement. You may just see vehicles of all kinds looking like this one masterpiece, a creation only heralded by the youngest of our generation. Perhaps, you might wonder if your own kid happened to create something like this, and you’re probably right. This is the new generation of automotive manufacturing among many other new developments. Deal with it.

Yes. Cars Will Now Look Like This.

Really? Really. Undoubtedly, we’re pulling your chain only a little bit, but for the most part, this is mainly the truth. Very soon we might just see our cars, trucks and even motorcycles built with the exact same material! And how? Simply put, we have an unlikely candidate in automobile manufacturing technological innovation, and it’s this — 3D printing.

Please understand that this is a process so phenomenal and out-of-this-world, that you’ll think you’re looking at a scam. It’s not a scam in this revolutionary auto selection market. 3D printing has actually been around for quite awhile, allowing anyone to basically print (yes, like printing paper) anything you3D printing lego vehicle want in 3Dthree dimensions, something you can pick up and observe all around, a veritable mass in space.

We’re accustomed to printing on paper: pictures, drawings, paintings, books, essays, sentences, words. We use ink. But no one could have ever envisioned that 3D printing with ink could actually create anything pliable enough to…drive out of your garage?

Why 3D Printing Works

Most recently, a company called Local Motors accomplished this same pipe dream, a pipe dream that could only be matched by the fact that Google and Apple are turning cars into smartphones. The company caught the attention of the New York Hall of Science, revealing the very first vehicle manufactured solely through 3D printing.

With a material making the body and chassis known as A.B.S. (also known as “acrylonitrile butadiene styrene” and reinforced with carbon fiber), this company was able to construct a vehicle with the 3D printing method, saving plenty of dollars in additional parts commonly used in automotive manufacturing. What is A.B.S.? Oh, it’s just the exact same material used to make Legos. It really isn’t that hard to utilize 3D printing either given the fact that this is a medium already changing the landscape with everything from iPhone cases to firearms, and potentially delving into the aerospace industry. That’s right: we might even have commercial jets made of Lego material flying the skies soon.

The bonus of 3D printing is its cost efficiency, not to mention the obvious ramifications with everything from auto warranties, to insurance, and even roadside assistance. A car made of this composite and method would consist of no more than 50 parts, including the motor and transmission. That’s it. This takes tooling costs literally out of the equation, revamping the automotive industry as we know it today. The question is this: are we ready for that?

Your Kids Might Say Yes, and so Would You If You Knew What the Price May Be for a Prototype Vehicle

A Local Motors representative actually stated publicly that such a vehicle designed by 3D printing and the A.B.S. material could run easily at $18K to $30K. That’s a pretty good deal. And you won’t even have to assemble the car yourself.

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